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Carrera 20010109 DIGITAL 132, DIGITAL 124 2.4 GHZ Wireless+ Set Duo

Experience Wireless racing pleasure exclusively for Carrera DIGITAL 124 and Carrera DIGITAL 132 with the new Carrera 2.4 GHz wireless +.This text is machine translated.View more

Carrera 20020575 Evolution, DIGITAL 132, DIGITAL 124 Banked turns 2/30° 6 pc(s)

A set of six banked turns of the brand Carrera.This text is machine translated.View more

Carrera 20020613 DIGITAL 132, Evolution Hairpin turn 1 pc(s)

Age category: 10 years and over; Content: 1 pc(s); Manufacturer part #: 20020613; Product type: Rail; Slot car system: DIGITAL 132, Evolution; Type: Hairpin curve; Type (slot car track): Hairpin turnView more

Carrera 20020587 Evolution, DIGITAL 132, DIGITAL 124 Flyover 1 pc(s)

Content: 1 pc(s); Manufacturer part #: 20020587; Product type: Rail; Scale: 1:32, 1:24; Slot car system: Evolution, DIGITAL 132, DIGITAL 124; Type (slot car track): FlyoverView more

Carrera 20020578 Evolution, DIGITAL 132, DIGITAL 124 Turns 4/90° 12 pc(s)

A set of twelve curves of the Carrera.This text is machine translated.View more

Carrera 20023861 DIGITAL 124 Audi R8 LMS M. Griffith, No. 19

Sow fast on the way. This motto, the design of the Audi R8 LMS” M. Griffith, No. 19″ taken literally. The Australian team” Hogs Breath Cafe/Griffith Corporation” went in the GT series in Australia with a real eye-catcher at the start. The boar out of the logo of the Steak House Chain now adorns the...View more

Carrera 20023860 DIGITAL 124 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Callaway

As the successor to the Corvette C6.R, the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R in size footsteps. And the managed also! The racing car driving under the team “Callaway Competition” at the race “ADAC GT Masters 2017” as the winner. With Jules Gounon at the wheel, the already some success to be recorded, showed the Chevrolet Corvette C7.R...View more

Carrera 20023857 DIGITAL 124 Porsche 917 K J.W. Automotive Engineering

Under the J.W. Automotive Engineering Racing Team drove the Porsche 917 K in the iconic Gulf finish 1970 at Watkins Glen Test. The typical colors blue and orange are a particularly popular racing car design under the pros. This classic racing car with the number 6 has in any case the toy, the race to...View more

Carrera 20023856 DIGITAL 124 Ferrari 512S Berlin Etta Filipinetti No.3

The Swiss Racing Team “Scuderia Filipinetti” reached between 1962 and 1973 enormous successes in motor racing and was well known. The brand-independent team made itself a name using a variety of vehicle brands, among other things, with a star of racing: Ferrari. Under the Swiss Team joined the model of the Ferrari 512S in 1970...View more

Carrera 20023854 DIGITAL 124 BMW M1 procar No. 201, Nuerburgring 1980

1980 was the legendary 1000km Nuerburgring race took place, with which the BMW M1 procar with the number 201 at the start. The Driver Hans Stuck and Nelson Piquet thereby have the highest performance from the vehicle. The special feature of this racing car is in addition to its top speed, especially its special design....View more

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