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Brick´R´Knowledge ALL-BRICK-0630 Logic Set Science kit (set)

The Logic set is ideally suited for quick access to the digital circuit technology. On the basis of the accompanying booklet with didactic build on each other circuit examples can learning the most important digital circuits as adder, Shift Register and counter quickly develop. But also teachers receive with the well-equipped set a practice-oriented basis...View more

Brick´R´Knowledge 138090 Internet of Things Set IoT Science kit (set)

With the Internet of Things set, it is now possible to your bricks via the Internet to control. With the accompanying IoT brick you will learn, for example, to build your first website and I/O pins with your smartphone to control. The set also contains a temperature and air humidity sensor whose values you on...View more

Brick´R´Knowledge 124343 DIY Set Science kit (set)

DIY is our thing! Here you can continue to develop your own brick world. This Set comes with 25 empty boards, 25 plastic shells, different resistances, plug replacement parts, capacitors, transistors and diodes and LEDs. Also gets her a role solder, wire and a blank, in order to help you build your own.This text is...View more

Brick´R´Knowledge 118704 Advanced Set Science kit (set)

The Advanced Set consists of 111 components and enables the creation of advanced solutions. The innovative brick R knowledge system allows to playfully with electrical engineering and the most important components, sizes and functions. The system helps in addition, knowledge of electronics to collect and bundled with learning effect to the next generation. The different...View more

Brick´R´Knowledge 115589 Basic Set Science kit (box)

The Brick ‘R’ knowledge Basic Set offers an easy introduction to electronics and illustrates already with 19 Bricks the most important sizes and function.Ideal for beginners can be simple, but also something more sophisticated circuits. Brick ‘R’ knowledge is an open learning and experimentation system, which adapts to individual requirements. The system is used for...View more