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Piko H0 57194 ICE (InterCity Express / German Deutsche Bundesbahn DB) Starter Set

Four part high speed train set ICE-3 of the German Deutsche Bundesbahn DB in white livery and red stripes. The set is composed by a first class driving coach, a BordBistro restaurant car, a second class coach with pantograph and a second class driving trailer coach. Included is an oval of code 83 track with...View more

55340 H0 Piko A Expansion set

The set comprises of: 3 straight tracks G239 · 7 straight tracks G231 · 2 bent tracks (R2) · 1 arc-point left and rightView more

55330 H0 Piko A Expansion set

The set comprises of: 2 right points · 3 left points · 9 straight tracks G239 · 7 straight tracks G231 · 2 bent tracks (R9) · 5 buffer stops.View more

Piko H0 51306 H0 E-Loc BR 151 of DB AG

With the replica of the heavy goods train locomotive of the series 151 in the traffic-red paint, PIKO again offers a typical locomotive of the DB AG of the era VI. The model possesses an exact design of the lamps, windows, buffers, housing shape, machine room view, roof equipment etc. and convinces in addition by...View more

Piko H0 51302 H0 E-Loc BR 151 of DB AG

Heavy goods train locomotive series 151 with the in the blue-beige lacquer finish offers PIKO again a typical locomotive of the German Federal Railways in the early era V. The model has an exact specification of the lamps, window, buffer, shape machine room view, roof equipment, etc., and also convinces through the finest painting and...View more

Piko H0 51300 H0 E-Loc BR 151 OF DB

Finally, a model of the first locomotive BR 151 available! The PIKO model of the electric locomotive 151 001 shows all relevant details of its prototype and impresses with its ultra-fine painting and printing, the exact shape scheduled grip bars, the reproduction of the start-up lamp, machine room view, sharply engraved bogie panels and filigree...View more

Piko H0 51321 H0 E-Loc BR 120 of DB

Finally a model of the extraordinary pre-series locomotive 120 005-4 is available!This text is machine translated.View more

Piko H0 51646 H0 E- Loc BR 150 of DB AG

As usual with PIKO, the design-specific features and details are taken into account in the appearance of the 150 series. The drive is provided by a high-quality, five-pole motor with diagonally grooved anchor and two precisely dimensioned flywheel masses. Apart from the considerable weight of the compact model, the high tensile force is supported by...View more

Piko H0 51583 H0 E- Loc. BR 147.5 of DB AG InterCity

The PIKO model of the series 147.5 of the long-distance transport of DB AG convinces, thanks to an exact reproduction of all relevant details of your prototype machine such as window, buffer beams, power outlets. The model has a very fine finish in IC design of the railway and a harmonious printing, set front and...View more

Piko H0 51580 H0 E-Loc BR 147 of DB AG

The PIKO model of the series 147 of DB Regio corresponds exactly to his chosen role model and are all relevant details such as window, buffer beams, sockets, etc. of the original accurately. The model impresses through finest painting and printing, set front and handle bars as well as delicate pantographs and insulators. The built-in...View more

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