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Growing Fish

Once the mini aquarium is filled with water the two fish inhabitants start to swell, becoming many times their original size after two days.View more

Magic Cane

When a magician's wand won't quite get the job done, it's time to break out the magic cane. Its mystical properties will amaze and astound any audience, leaving them in awe as they witness the cane magically float and twirl around the performer. Of course, what they probably won't see are the near-invisible threads being...View more

Magic Sketcher

Handheld screen upon which the plastic stylus is used to draw, write and scribble. Pulling the card tab clears the screen erasing it clean, ready to start again. A much larger version than normally found.View more

Wizards Wand

This Wizard's Wand will have trainee witches and wizards scheming spells to own one! Pressing a discreet button produces a 'whooshing' spell-casting sound and a light flickers mysteriously at the wand's tip. Accompanied by a flamboyant flourish of the arm, all sorts of imaginative sorcery can be performed.View more