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RVFM Storage Vial 2.0 ml

RVFM Polypropylene Storage Vials – RVFM VIA10002/2, A 2.0ml storage vial for biological material, human and animal cells, etc. RVFM Storage Vial 2.0 mlView more

RVFM Storage Vial 5.0 ml

RVFM Polypropylene Storage Vials – RVFM VIA10002/4, A 5.0ml storage vial for biological material, human and animal cells, etc. RVFM Storage Vial 5.0 mlView more

RVFM Spatula with Spoon 120mm

Spatulas with Spoons – RVFM CH12230/1, Stainless steel laboratory spatulas with a spoon bowl at one end and a rectangular flat at the other. RVFM Spatula with Spoon 120mmView more

RVFM Wooden Funnel Holder

Wooden-Funnel-Holder-RVFM-C02058A-p-This-wooden-funnel-holder-can-keep-two-funnels-securely-held-in-place-over-jars-beakers-or-other-receptacles-p-RVFM-Wooden-Funnel-HolderView more

RVFM Rubber Pipette Filler

Suction-Pipette-Filler-RVFM-CH11840-p-A-suction-type-filler-for-measuring-and-volumetric-pipettes-p-RVFM-Rubber-Pipette-FillerView more

RVFM Watch Glasses 75mm (Pack of 10)

Watch Glasses – RVFM CH0554C, The Watch Glasses 75mm (Pack of 10) is from a range of watch glasses made from clear, polished glass with a ground edge. RVFM Watch Glasses 75mm (Pack of 10)View more

RVFM Rubber Tubing with Thick Wall, 10mm Bore

Rubber Tubing with Thick Wall – RVFM CH13065/7, Rubber tubing for general laboratory use. The greater wall thickness of this tubing makes it suitable for use at higher pressures. RVFM Rubber Tubing with Thick Wall, 10mm BoreView more

RVFM Lo-Volt Power Supply

Lo-Volt-Power-Supply-RVFM-52-2641-p-This-lo-volt-power-supply-unit-provides-voltages-of-2-4-6-9-12-or-14V-AC-or-unsmoothed-DC-at-4A-continuously-or-up-to-5A-for-periods-of-1-hour-Voltages-are-selected-by-means-of-a-rotating-switch-on-the-front-panel-In-any-case-of-overload-including-direct-short-a-current-sensing-circuit-breaker-mounted-on-the-front-panel-will-operate-and-disconnect-the-output-voltage-Outputs-are-taken-from-colour-coded-4mm-sockets-mounted-on-the-front-panel-An-ilView more

RVFM Pipette Pump 25ml

RVFM-Pipette-Pumps-RVFM-PIPUMP25-The-RVFM-Pipette-Pump-25ml-is-ideal-for-quickly-and-easily-taking-up-or-dispensing-precise-amounts-of-liquids-Features-a-knurled-thumbwheel-for-precise-pipetting-and-a-releaser-for-rapid-emptying-A-moulded-plastic-chuck-contains-a-silicon-rubber-collet-which-can-hold-various-standard-sizes-of-pipette-RVFM-Pipette-Pump-25mlView more

RVFM Pipette Pump 10ml

RVFM Pipette Pumps – RVFM PIPUMP10, The RVFM Pipette Pump 10ml is ideal for quickly and easily taking up or dispensing precise amounts of liquids. Features a knurled thumbwheel for precise pipetting and a releaser for rapid emptying. A moulded plastic chuck contains a silicon rubber collet which can hold various standard sizes of pipette....View more