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Garden Snakes &Amp; Ladders

Garden Snakes & Ladders is the ideal summer party game for families. Kids can become totally immersed in this super-sized version of the classic family game. The huge, heavy-duty mat is so large that the players can become the counters! Each player rolls the giant, inflatable dice to progress through the board, sliding down the...View more

Junior Tennes Set 2 Rackets

An ideal way to improve Hand Eye coordination whilst enjoying the summer sun. This fantastic starter set comes with two Junior sized tennis racquets and two tennis balls in a handy carrybag. Great for a knockabout in the back garden or at the park! Depth: 10 CM Height: 65 CM Width: 30 CM Age Range:...View more

Large Skipping Rope

Unbranded Large Skipping Rope This Large Skipping Rope is a great way to encourage youngsters to get out in the fresh air. The birch handles provide a comfortable grip and the 5 m cotton rope is ideal for youngsters who like to skip together. Useful info: Wooden handles 5 m rope Great way to encourage...View more

Bullet Ball

Unbranded Bullet Ball Bullet Ball is an addictive and fun game that’s perfect for the beach, garden or a trip to the park. Try to keep the 13 cm diameter bullet moving as fast as possible along the 240 cm length rope and watch as much hilarity ensues. Useful info: 2.4 m rope with 13...View more

Chess Xl Set

Unbranded Chess XL This extra large Chess Set lets you show off all your best moves either indoors or outside. All materials are weather resistant, including the non-woven mat (dimensions: 90 x 90 cm) and plastic chess pieces (height of kings: 23 cm, pawn 10 cm). Useful info: Suitable for use both indoors and outside...View more

Tower Of Balance

Unbranded Tower of Balance Knock the block off the top of the Tower of Balance and claim the glory! This fun game for anyone aged 8 and over is all about proving your aim is true as you compete to use the throwing discs to remove the top block from the tower. The blocks are...View more

Jumping Cow – Blue

Unbranded Jumping Cow – Blue The Jumping Cow toy is udderly addictive when it comes to having fun! Grab her horns and then bounce around, it’s similar to the classic Space Hopper toy but with legs that provide extra stability for youngsters. Made from soft plastic, this blue jumping cow has a sitting height of...View more

Jumping Cow – Pink

Unbranded Jumping Cow – Pink The colourful Jumping Cow toy will soon have your kids jumping for joy! Grab her horns and then bounce around – it’s similar to the classic Space Hopper toy but with legs that provide extra stability for youngsters. Made from soft plastic, this pink jumping cow has a sitting height...View more

Giant Cards

Unbranded Giant Cards These Giant Playing Cards are packing lots of oversized fun. These massive cards each measure 37 x 26 cm so there’s no danger of anyone hiding one up their sleeve! They’re made of hardwearing laminated paper and are a quirky and original way to have some family fun and are great for...View more

Sports Day Set

Kids can re-live the fun of sports day with this active play set. Whether they’re practising for sports day or passing the hours at a party, this cool kit is ideal for hours of use in the garden or at the park. Help children to perfect their balance with the egg and spoon race, and...View more